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Great bread starts here

At Crust & Crackle, we like to keep our recipes clean and simple.

No preservatives, no dough enhancers, and no additional ingredients that would tamper with traditional bread. 

Part I: What 


Our sourdough loaves are made with a blend of flours. We enjoy mixing grains to create unique tastes, while obtaining great nutritional value.

The sourdough flavours change regularly with the addition of seasonal local produce, spices, honey, maple syrup, seeds, cheese, and dried fruit. Always check the order form for a complete menu and ingredient list.  


Focaccia is great for embracing the true essence of seasonal flavours. This dough becomes a vessel for fresh produce, cheese, spices and copious amounts of olive oil. ​


Enjoy new ingredients as we roll through the seasons. 


This pizza dough will have you throwing in the towel and never buying store bought pizza again. 


​Not only is the pizza dough great for making pizzas, but you can also make doughnuts, naan, focaccia, pull apart buns, and so much more. Who knew a dough could be so versatile. Go ahead let the creativity flow.


Great for dipping, ripping and sharing. These baguettes are considered a hybrid loaf with a mix of yeast, and sourdough levain.


Weekly Special (rotational flavours and grains)  Toasted Seedy                                                            Country Blonde                                                          Sesame & Honey             

The Weekday                                                                                    








Focaccia (rotational flavours)                Cinnamon Raisin

Baguette (hybrid sourdough/yeast)

Fresh Pizza Dough





Due to our rotational menu, our current product list, along with ingredients can be found on the menu page of our order form

View our current menu today!

Part II: How 

"When one cares about the ingredients they use, one will create exceptional goods"

At Crust & Crackle, we offer a variety of sourdough leavened and yeasted loaves.
All of our loaves are hand crafted and baked in stone hearth ovens.

​To improve the nutritional value and flavour, every sourdough loaf undergoes a long, 15-hour cold ferment.
This long, cold period, not only improves the digestibility of the bread but lowers its glycemic index as well.
Those with sensitive tummies will find success eating sourdough.

Bread lovers rejoice!



The health of the soil which we live on is crucial for nurturing life. The farms that we source our produce from practice sustainable, regenerative farming. A portion of the produce is also grown on our property in Sauble Beach. Ingredients taste better when grown closer to home.


Grey & Bruce County has a beautiful assortment of seasonal products that we enjoy showcasing in our breads. From maple syrup and honey, to tomatoes, potatoes, onions and herbs; you can enjoy the true taste of our local terroir.


What is life without a little excitement. As a trained chef, our lead baker enjoys creating unique flavour profiles that are sure to excite all of your senses.​ Our weekly special sourdough and focaccia flavours are always revolving to showcase seasonal ingredients. Each loaf of bread is a vessel to showcase culinary delights.


Crust & Crackle breads are baked using Canadian organic and/or sustainably grown grains. Some of our flours are grown & milled right here in Bruce County from Stone Bridge Flour, in Kincardine.

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