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Our Story

Living sustainably is an important facet of our life. Teaching our children and our community where their food comes from and how to care for the land with allow this lifestyle to carry on to the next generation. 

At Crust & Crackle we cherish the soil which we live on. All of our flour is grown on Canadian ground, including our very own local miller Stone Bridge Flour who supplies us with hard red winter wheat and whole rye. The produce used in our seasonal specials and focaccia is grown right here on our property and supplied from neighboring farms. 

We love stitching together our communities with food while sharing the love of good bread. Join us on our journey and enjoy the taste of real bread made with traditional practices. 

Garden #2.jpg

Eat what you grow

Our gardens grow year by year to sustain our family. We also use an abundance of our produce in your bread.

Along our journey we have met and developed friendships with some great farmers and suppliers. 

Meet our partners

Stone Bridge Flour 

Persephone Market Garden 

Donalds Honey

Miners Maple Syrup

Each one of these businesses offers different local products we are able to use in our bread. Connecting farmer to baker and baker to consumer, we are able to stitch our community together with food. 

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