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Our Breads

Sourdough & Yeasted Loaves

At Crust & Crackle we offer a variety of sourdough leavened and yeasted loaves. All our loaves are hand crafted and baked in a stone hearth oven.

We care deply about the ingredients that go into each loaf. This is why we have chosen to use only Canadian organic grains in all our loaves an produce from farms that practice sustainable agriculture.


​To improve the nutritional value and flavour, every sourdough loaf undergoes a long 15 hour cold ferment. This long cold period not only improves the digestibility of the bread, but lowers its glycemic index as well. Those with sensitive tummies will find success eating sourdough. Bread lovers rejoice.

Sure you can find some classic flavours on our menu now and again, but we crave those unique flavour profiles. Something exciting that you would have never thought possible before. 


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New flavours biweekly

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