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Welcome to Crust & Crackle

Servicing several retail locations

throughout Grey & Bruce

Sharing the love of bread

Freshly baked bread has an undeniable power to 

reignite long lost memories.  Whether helping your parents bake in the kitchen, or going for a family trip to the local bakery.  These are simple, honest, and humbling times you once enjoyed. 


Crust & Crackle will take you on a journey back to 

these long-ago souvenirs of the past. Using traditional

practices, every loaf is made with skill, attention to detail and lots of love.


With local ingredients and modernized flavours, we 

have recreated the basic loaf and turned it into your next craving.

Cherish the past and embrace the future

Cheers to you and our combined love of great bread


Katy & Matt

fresh baguettes




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