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Sliced sourdough bread

Common Questions

Is your kitchen inspected?

As a home based bakery, and in order to service the public, we have strict guidelines to follow just like all other restaurants and bakeries in business today. Our kitchen is inspected by Grey Bruce Public Health Unit, which allows us to produce, and sell our products to you.


Do you offer gluten free products?

Yes & no. We do not offer gluten free breads that are safe for those with celiac. However we have heard a lot of success from customers that are gluten sensitive that are enjoying our bread daily. Sourdough is beneficial in many ways. Those with sensitive tummies may find that they can tolerate sourdough much better than commercially made yeast risen bread.


Can your bread be frozen?

Absolutely! Maybe you buy in bulk, or your house is 1 or 2 people. Our bread can be frozen for 1-3 months. Freeze it in a thick freezer bag, or even vacuum pack to store longer.


Can the pizza dough be frozen?

Yes, but only for a short amount of time. We recommend 1 month. Please visit our blog on storing, prepping, and getting creative with pizza dough. **Blog coming soon**

Instructions for preparing your pizza

Preview instructions here ->


Will my bread come sliced?

No. For a few reasons, but the main one is your bread is packaged and delivered warm. It is to young to slice for sandwiches when your order leaves our kitchen. A loaf needs at least 2 - 3 hours of cooling before it is ready for slicing. We recommend a sharp bread knife to cut consistent slices. Think of this as an opportunity to practice your knife skills.


What is the best way to store a loaf?

Once the bread has fully cooled it is best stored in a tote with a sealed lid, or a thick zipper bag. If the loaf is left in the original paper packaging it will stale out quickly.

BLOG coming soon

How to videos, recipes, and so much more

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